Computer Innovation Engineering


Our Philosophy

The Computer Innovation Engineering Program (CIE) is the platform for academic advancement of the 21st century. By combining theoretical foundations with hands-on experience and project-based learning, the students will learn the computing skills required for today’s workforce. The program offers state-of-the-art knowledge in computing technologies; including Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Cyber-Physical System, Cyber Security and Data Analytics. Our engineering curriculum also deeply integrates with the study of innovation process to help students transform their explored ideas into startups that will drive our future.

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Innovation Engineering (International Program)


The B.Eng. in Computer Innovation Engineering (CIE) program is a four-year full-time international undergraduate program. In order to graduate, the students must complete at least 140 credits and satisfy the graduation requirements given in the following section. The program is designed to drive innovations and entrepreneurship in computing and information technology-related areas. Each semester will include a project-based theme which helps students practice and design innovative solutions in the respective areas.


In the first year, the students study basic courses in mathematics and science and improve their communication skills. Students will also be introduced to fundamental programming concepts and the foundation of digital systems. The first year projects will give students hands-on experience and basic development of computing technologies.In the second year, the students will learn advanced computing concepts which serve as foundation of computing technologies. The students also learn to apply design methods for solutions in technical areas such as cyber-physical systems and computing infrastructures.

Third year students will learn about the latest technologies and innovations which happen in the area. In each semester, the students will study new concepts and apply creativity in completing projects in trending areas such as cloud-mobile application development and IoT. Students will also learn about innovation engineering, along with the process and tools to facilitate new innovations.

Fourth year students undertake significant innovative engineering design projects. Students will apply their skills and knowledge to create sustainable innovations while being able to apply the required standards and realistic engineering constraints. Students may also further specialized in their areas of interest and prepare for the next step in their