Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

Innovative Civil Engineering Program (ICE)


King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) has been established since 1960 and is considered one of pioneer science and technology institutions in Thailand. The name of the institute was derived from the name of King Rama IV. The royal grand crown seal has been graciously used as the emblem of the institute. As moved to a new era with 50 years’ experience, KMITL has not only been very successful as an institute specializing in the field of science and technology in Thailand, but also produced a great exceptional number of professional “Practical Engineers” in diversified engineering territories. KMITL is moving forward with the new era with the philosophy “Education and Research in Science and Technology are the Foundation of the Development of the Nation” and KMITL is also ready to glow globally as internationalized activities and supports.

About Innovative Civil Engineering Program (ICE)

Our undergraduate program offers many areas of specialization for educational and research focus: construction engineering management, geotechnical engineering, innovative materials, structural engineering, transportation engineering, water resources engineering and environmental engineering. This Innovative Civil Engineering Program provides unique or thematic knowledge with the focus on innovative advancements in technology, applications, tools, and software. The ICE is an exciting, hands-on program combining modern technology with applications in Civil Engineering.

Among the many unique opportunities open to ICE students is the Civil Engineering Cooperative Program (CECOP) and Oversea Training (CEOT). The programs offer students a high quality, paid industrial/research experience and related academic activities while pursuing the degree


Degree and Curriculum

B.Eng. (Innovative Civil Engineering), a fourth-year international program, is suitable for students who are seeking to develop their technical knowledge and the aspects of civil engineering and form a suitable basis for a career focused on engineering solutions to construction and civil engineering issues.