The School of Engineering

King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

  • August 24, 1960 : There was a signing ceremony. in the cooperation agreement to establish a telecommunication training center in Nonthaburi
  • February 16, 1962 : Started teaching for the first time in two courses: a 6-month course for civil servants, soldiers, police and corporate employees in the telecommunication field, and a 1-year course for students. Graduated from the School of the Post and Telegraph Department
  • May 1, 1964 : Telecommunication Training Center, Nonthaburi was changed to "Telecommunication College Nonthaburi"
  • April 24, 1971 : Combined the North Bangkok Technical College, Nonthaburi Telecommunications College and Thonburi Technical College together and established as "King Mongkut's Institute of Technology"
  • August 24, 1974 : Nonthaburi Telecommunications College Approved to change the status to School of Engineering King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Nonthaburi Center
  • 29 June 1974 : There was the affiliation of King Mongkut's Institute of Technology has been transferred from the Ministry of Education to under the department of university and change the word “center” to “campus”. A new campus was built in Ladkrabang District, Bangkok on the land of Chao Phraya Surawongwaiwat (Worn Bunnag) on an area of approximately 1,000 rai.
  • 1979 : Nonthaburi Ladkrabang Campus, changed its name to Chao Khun Tha harn Ladkrabang Campus
  • 1982 : School of Engineering opened to teaching at the doctoral level in the Doctorate of Engineering Program in Electrical Engineering is the first in Thailand
  • 1960 : Established the Department of Telecommunications Engineering
  • 1976 : Established the Department of Electrical Engineering
  • 1976 : Established the Department of Electronics
  • 1976 : Established the Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 1978 : Established the Department of Computer Engineering
  • 1982 : Established the Department of Control System Engineering
  • 1982 : Established the Electronic Research Center
  • 1987 : Established the Department of Agricultural Engineering
  • 1990 : Established the Department of Civil Engineering
  • 1994 : Established the Department of Chemical Engineering
  • 1995 : Established the Department of Food Engineering
  • 1997 : Established a project of the Department of Industrial Engineering
  • 2000 : Established the Department of Measurement Engineering
  • 2001 : Established the Department of Information Engineering
  • 2014 – Present : The School of Engineering, KMITL has continually developed new courses to support students in the 4.0 era such as National Defense Courses, Computer Innovation Engineering Courses, International Programs, etc. and received cooperation from Japan to create a "Young Engineer" using the prototype of KOSEN, Japan. Open to students who have completed High school grade 9th to study at KMITL for a period of 5 years.